Training in Human Systems Ecology

“Human Systems Ecology” (ESH) is Xavier Serrano’s proposal to systematize the work of preventive and psychosocial intervention developed by the interdisciplinary teams of the ESTER for more than thirty years. It draws on the contributions of specialists such as W. Reich, A. Neill, F. Navarro, F. Capra and E. Morin.

Its purpose is to present ways that help to recover human identity and to facilitate conflict management and resolution, with love, freedom and responsibility, through the prevention of the rigid armor formation?? from intrauterine life to adolescence, and the creation of “ecological atmospheres“ with more human and caring relationships, in the critical systems of family and school, as well as in other social and work settings.

In this way, we share the experience of participating in the international network for the new paradigm of “Global Ecology”, as a social and political alternative proposal.

We approach the training of specialists in this new discipline from an interdisciplinary perspective, addressing topics from different fields such as biology, psychology, medicine, sexology, ecology and sociology. These are presented by experienced professionals in these subjects, during intensive monthly meetings, and are elaborated by self-managed teams, backed by specialized literature and face-to-face and on-line tutorials..

Обучающая программа